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  1. 2023 ITSport provides Individual Events(Open/LOHAS categories) and Team Events(Open and Parent-child categories)

  2. Qualification Round: From August 22, 2023, to October 10, 2023.In the Individual Events: Top 20 participants in each sport under Open and LOHAS categories will receive awards ,Top 3 participants in each sport of the Open category will advance to the National Semifinals (total of 15 participants from five sports). ; .In the Team Events: Top 20 teams in Open and Parent-Child categories will receive awards.The top 8 teams in the Open category will advance to the National Semifinals.

  3. Qualification Round are held in 19 venues around TAIWAN,Flagship Venues provies 5 items, and satelite Venues provides single item.

  4. 2023 ITSPORT total prize money is 400,000 NT Dollars